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Can you bring decorations for a birthday party?

Yes you can bring your own special theme decorations for the party room.The only thing we don’t allow is outside food and beverages.

Roughly how long is the go kart races? Do you get a decent amount of time for the $10 per person charge?

It’s roughly 5 laps or 5mins of race time. Buy the power pack and you can get 4 rides for $28. The pack is NOT shareable but it gets price down to $7 per ride!

How does it cost

The activity pack is worth doing. It will cost you less in the long run.

How tall to drive go karts

48 in. and 7 yrs old to drive. 36 in. And 4 yrs to ride. To be on fast speed you need to be 58 in. and 10 yrs old or older. (Per Chandler, go cart employee. Ask him to do some magic for you when you cone in.)

Where are prices posted??

The prices can be found at there website

Does anyone know how much it cost to ride go carts unlimited,?

They have different packages that include unlimited rides on the go carts that start at $32.

Do they have someone to help with a child skating since the adult doesn't know how???

They have skate trainers for an additional $6, or for $5 at certain times a person will actually help teach ur kid skating lessons

Is it suitable for a 3 year old?

Yes. My three year old loves the inflatables.

Do they run the karts in rain

They have an Inside track for when it’s cold or when it rains!

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